Some points worth highlighting in Christianity Today article on marriage

While I wouldn’t endorse the entire article, this paragraph brings up issues which are rarely given the attention they deserve:

One issue that demands special attention is divorce and remarriage. The Bible has a fair amount to say about marriage (as much or more than it does on homosexuality), and yet the evangelical church has become lax about honoring the marriage vow. We use the word grace in a cheap way to avoid the awkward tough love of church discipline. Such inconsistency has been a major stumbling block for those outside the church. This does not mean we forbid all divorce, nor all remarriage. It does mean we evangelicals need to come to consensus about what constitutes legitimate biblical grounds for divorce and for remarriage, and maybe even create a covenant amongst ourselves that will help us to abide by our convictions on this matter.

I suspect the reason Evangelicals give gay marriage so much more attention than the problem of divorce and remarriage within the church is because it’s so much easier to criticize of the actions of others before our own.


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