New Statistics on Death Toll in Syria

A new UN report estimates 93,000 deaths have occurred in Syria’s civil war to date.

Who is being killed?

From Reuters:

One of the monitoring groups, the British-based, pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said on Thursday it had now confirmed at least 98,000 deaths in the conflict, but that the total figure could exceed 130,000.

It said the confirmed toll included 25,040 Syrian soldiers and security personnel, and 17,107 pro-Assad militiamen.

Other killings are likely to have occurred without being documented, said the U.N. study, carried out by the Human Rights Data Analysis Group, a U.S.-based non-profit organization.

Keep in mind that the group reporting that more than 42,000 people killed by the rebels is a pro-opposition monitoring group.  The opposition is itself admitting that the rebels are responsible for about 45% of the deaths in Syria.

These figures don’t, however, tell us much about the civilian death toll and how the opposition and Assad’s forces differ when it comes to the targeting of non-combatants.


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