Items on Israel/Palestine

1. Gulf News: “Sharp rise in Palestinian recruitment for Israeli colonies

Palestinian labourers working in Israeli colonies are identified by numbers, not names…

“The Palestinian labourers live under extremely bad working conditions with no rights, but they have no other option,” he said… Commenting on the Palestinian labourers working illegally inside Israeli, Saad said that the number of those labourers has jumped to more than 70,000 Palestinians. “Those labourers are smuggled into Israel illegally or obtain commercial permits which give them access to Israel and there they search for daily employers,” he said.

2. In the Telegraph: Black workers “banned from Gare du Nord during Israeli president visit”

The alleged discrimination took place as Shimon Peres arrived at the station, the hub for high-speed trains, on March 8, to discuss the Middle East peace process.

It is now the subject of an official complaint by the SUD-Rail transport union which says everything was done to ensure there were “no Muslim employees to welcome the Head of the State of Israel”…

SNCF initially blamed the discrimination on “security protocol” advised by the French Interior Ministry and the Israeli Embassy in Paris, but this has been emphatically denied by both.

Instead, the order came from SNCF management, with a spokesman for the state-run company pledging “a full investigation”.

3. From Al-Monitor: “A Holocaust Remembrance Day For Evacuated Gaza Settlers

They feel that the state has betrayed them. Yitzhak Amergi, outraged at the “expulsion,” as he calls it, from Gush Katif, has deliberately refrained from flying the flag of Israel since he was uprooted from his home about eight years ago.

Amergi… still finds it difficult to get used to his new life. In his eyes, the expulsion of Jews from Gaza is no different from the expulsion of the Jews from Spain [in 1492] or the expulsion of the Jews from Europe…

“I recall that some of the settlers expelled from their homes told me that they felt as their parents must have felt in Nazi Germany,” he reminisced. “’At the time, we were deported by Russian soldiers and German soldiers and now we are driven away by Jewish soldiers,’ they said. I told them it was not the same thing.”


One thought on “Items on Israel/Palestine

  1. I am pro Israel but highly critical of Israeli policy. I am also immensely embarrassed that the US send Israel billions is aid and supports the regime that has become the only western oriented apartheid one in the world.

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