US Cable Blames Israel For Stalling Peace Agreement (1975)

A cable available in Wikileaks’ “Public Library of US Diplomacy” shows that the US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, James Atkins, believed in January 1975 that Israel was the primary impediment to peace in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

As the Jerusalem Post recently put it, the cable “concluded that it was Israel’s stubborn position that was holding back peace.”

The cable suggested that Israel was “disingenuous” when it claimed that Arab states would never agree to give security guarantees for Israel, and thus couldn’t relinquish control of the territories occupied in the ’67 war. It specifically points to the “Arab decision in Algiers to give de facto  recognition to Israel in its 1967 borders” and that this decision gave Israelis “almost everything they have ever asked for since 1948.”

Included in the cable was the claim that even Egypt and Syria, Israel’s primary adversaries at the time, “yearn for peace.”

A rarely mentioned event in the peace process is the January 1976 UN Security Council Resolution, backed by the PLO and the Arab states with the Soviet Union, calling for a two-state solution based UN Resolution 242 and the international consensus, vetoed by the US.

This is the last portion of the cable:

Courtesy of Wikileaks

Courtesy of Wikileaks


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