Armenia’s President “Re-elected”


Recall that, since the fall of the Soviet Union, no incumbent has ever lost an election in the Caucasus region (though Georgia’s recent parliamentary elections show there is some hope for democratic progress in that country). Free and fair elections don’t exist in Armenia. Many people don’t care to vote – they know all the candidates come from the same oligarchical class that will use their power to enrich themselves and their families at the expense of their fellow Armenians. Real patriots.

Sargsyan’s stated priority is “improving the army’s combat capabilities.” Yes, because every other sector of Armenian society is doing so well. The education and health sectors are awash in funds. The infrastructure is top-notch. (I was always giddy with excitement when I prepared for the five-hour journey from Yerevan to my village in the south of this Maryland-sized country. The road is definitely paved from Sisian to the outer villages). Unemployment isn’t a problem in this country whose borders are mostly closed and militarized. Armenians around the world are flocking to this country, the land of opportunity.

So yes, by all means, use those abundant funds you have to improve the army’s combat capabilities, Mr. Sargsyan.


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