Armenian garbage man on elections: “You have to be kidding me”

The Armenian news outlet Hetq interviewed a Yerevan garbage man and asked him about his opinion on the coming elections. There are no subtitles, but the English article on their website translates to most important parts of the interview.

His opinions are all too common in Armenia. As in the United States, people who have been marginalized don’t see the point in voting. Many Armenians know that no politician or political party cares about their needs, and thus find voting for the slightly-less-corrupt candidate as useless. Corruption in all and at every level of the institution is widely known and often accepted, though certainly most would like the situation to improve.

The man says would rather not accept a small bribe for a vote and maintain his dignity:

Tell me, who should I vote for and why. How long can we be cheated? Do you think I can accept a 10,000 AMD bribe and thus betray myself? No thanks.

I often hear people say something like, “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain about the government/politicians.”

That seems unfair. Can anyone really blame someone like this man for feeling like their vote doesn’t matter? That all the politicians are only in it for their personal ambitions – power and wealth?


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