Post-trip post

The last month of “The Great Escape” (mid-November to mid-December) hasn’t made it on my blog yet. Not sure if any of it will. I zipped through Croatia, made a slight detour into Bosnia/Hercegovina (my second), before heading up through Slovenia, eastern Italy, Austria, and finally Germany. Much of December can be summed up in two words: Christmas markets. They were really the highlight of this part of Europe. When snow and the cold weather get you down, nothin’ like a hot mug of mulled wine and beautiful Christmas lights hung above the various food and beverage booths to cheer you up.

All of these pictures, as I’ve said before, were taken with my 2mp camera on my iPod touch. Though I’ve now upgraded, I’m glad to have been able to take all these pictures with such a small device. Another post will be dedicated to some thoughts on what I’ve learned about packing on this trip.

20121227-022517 PM.jpg

Christmas market in Graz, Austria

20121227-022552 PM.jpg

A blazing drink in Munich

20121227-022601 PM.jpg

A Christmas market in Munich’s main square

20121227-022617 PM.jpg

Munich in B&W

20121227-022701 PM.jpg

The walk home


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