Ceaușescu’s enormous “Palace if the People” (2nd only to the Pentagon in surface area), the Armenian church an community, graffiti, the Arc de Triumph, the Jewish cemetery, the grave of the national poet. Enjoy.
(All of these pictures, as in other posts from this trip, are from the 2mp camera on my iPod, so please excuse the quality.)

20121013-045919 PM.jpg

20121013-045942 PM.jpg

20121013-045953 PM.jpg

20121013-050004 PM.jpg

20121013-050020 PM.jpg

20121013-050029 PM.jpg

20121013-050041 PM.jpg

20121013-050102 PM.jpg

20121013-050133 PM.jpg

20121013-050149 PM.jpg

20121013-050207 PM.jpg

20121013-050212 PM.jpg

20121013-050221 PM.jpg


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