The End of Peace Corps

My Peace Corps Service officially ended on August 3rd, 2012. While I was hoping to leave the country the same day, there were visa issues that kept me in Yerevan until now. I wasn’t sure I was even going to get my Russian visa, which would have made it quite difficult to actually live and work there (duh). Thus, I never told people, “I am going to Russia.” I had said that I might go to Russia, and we’ll see how the visa thing works out. (The plan was to go there for 9 months and teach English).

Well, it’s now August 14, and it has been decided that I am not going to Russia. In the end, it was not because of the visa (though the length of time it took just to apply for it had discouraged me from continuing the effort). It was because of several factors, some related to going back home to the US sooner, and some related to the language center with whom I was supposed to work.

I’ve been prepared for both scenarios, and after months of uncertainty, I can finally rest easy knowing which one has been decided. My travels and arrival back in America, however, are still uncertain, but that’s how I like it!


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