Summer Plans

I’m cautiously optimistic about my chances of increasing blog posts this summer. School has finished and I will be engaged in more interesting activities, thus providing more material to write about.

Currently, a project is underway known as Border2Border that is taking me across half the country on foot. You can read a little bit about it in the HB Independent. It’s pretty well so far. We’ve given two health seminars to groups of about forty kids and the northern group of the project has done the same. This will continue until June 2oth.

Toward the end of June, I will be helping with a two-day camp in the north of Armenia.

In early July, a college friend is coming to Armenia. I plan on showing him around for about ten days, spending about the same amount of time in Georgia (my first trip out of the country in a year!), and we’ll be heading to Israel/Palestine/maybe Jordan for about three weeks. School will start again at the beginning of September. I should have plenty to post about, so let’s hope I get around to doing it!


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