One of the highest peaks in the southern region of Armenia (Syunik Marz) is called Aramazd. As it is located at the end of the valley in which my village is placed, it is also partially visible in the header of my blog. As I was skimming through a book on Zoroastrianism in Armenia, I found out that the name “Aramazd” comes from the god Ahura Mazda, the “highest deity of worship in Zoroastrianism.”

Before Armenia was converted to Christianity in the late-3rd/early 4th century, it was greatly influenced by the civilizations that existed in today’s Iran, and thus Zoroastrianism was widespread here. There were many remnants left in Armenian culture and language by its neighbors, and it was interesting to find one so close!


2 thoughts on “Aramazd

    • the more i think about the meaning and naming of this peak the cooler I think it is. That someone a long time ago saw this peak and saw fit to name it after their creator… Looking at the peak from Tatev, with all its grandeur, one can understand the inspiration of naming it as such. I look at the aramazd peak every time i leave my house. its quite a sight.

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