Aaaand….now I’m a PCV

After two months of training, I was finally sworn in as Peace Corps volunteer today. The ceremony wasn’t too long, which was nice, and was actually pretty fun. Some of us volunteers were able to perform some songs near the end, including one song in Armenian and John Lennon’s “Imagine.” I also sang a solo in Armenian – a song called “The Rose,” which just about every Armenian knows. Everyone went to a cafe in Charentsavan to celebrate with some beers and I came back around 5pm to pack my things and hang out with the family. This round of packing will actually be a little more difficult than the last because of all the items we were given (administrative books, a med kit, things in the packages I received from home). I’m leaving tomorrow morning and will be at my permanent site late in the afternoon. Then it starts! Well, after three weeks of waiting for the school year to begin…then it really starts!


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