Well kids, it was a great two months, but PST is just about over, and it’s time to move to our permanent sites. On Thursday we will be sworn in a volunteers and no longer be considered “trainees.” I could not be more ready. PST was fun, but the pace was insane and I’ll be glad when things finally slow down to a manageable pace. Perhaps the only thing I think I’ll sincerely miss is the ability to see and talk to other volunteers whenever I want. I’ve made a lot of good friends and will be sorry to live so far away from some of them. But that isn’t really why I joined the Peace Corps, and no matter how much I enjoy being with other PCVs (and I do), I am ready to be the only American in my tiny Armenian village.

I passed the language test that the Peace Corps administers, despite my poor performance, but this gives me minimal encouragement since I’ll have to learn the dialect of my village for the next few months anyway. Our tech sessions and model school are over, and nearly all of the administrative sessions  were completed today. Only our swearing in ceremony remains. For some reason I volunteered to sing a solo (in Armenian) at the celebration, as well as another group song in Armenian. I’ll be playing the piano for our A-18 version of John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

In related news, I topped a personal record by going a full week without showering (though I washed my hair once), really without even trying. But fear not, I rarely emit body odor and used deodorant and Axe to be safe. In Lor, I will have water 24/7, so this shouldn’t be a regular thing.


2 thoughts on “PCT –> PCV

  1. I hope there will be a video of your solo in Armenian!
    and glad there will be water 24/7 in Lor…although I am
    sure you smell just great. I am proud of you still!!!!

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