Peace Corps – Armenia: 1 month to go

In exactly one month from today, I will be on a plane heading Armenia to begin my training with the Peace Corps. The staging will take place in Washington D.C. where I will meet the almost sixty volunteers that will be serving in the country. I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what I need to purchase and pack before I leave, and have been using the Facebook group for the A-18ers (what they call our group of volunteers), blogs from current volunteers, and information given to us by the Peace Corps to do so. I’m also getting good information from the current volunteers on general things about life in the country and what to expect once I arrive. Most say that there is a LOT of downtime during the winter months, so it is good to have things to keep you occupied. I don’t want to have to resort to watching TV and movies on my computer, but who knows what I’ll do once I get there…I’ll be bringing plenty of books that I want/need to read, including a textbook for Biblical Greek and an accompanying workbook (maybe a Latin book as well). My guitar will be with me, upon which countless hours can be spent. But I know the occasional Office episode will come in handy, too.


3 thoughts on “Peace Corps – Armenia: 1 month to go

  1. Oh Joel, I know how excited you are to be a Peace Corps
    volunteer. Your family and friends are all proud of you..
    even people that don’t know you think it is a wonderful
    mission. ( I tell many strangers what an adventure you
    are about to embark upon!)
    I will miss you so much, but the people of Armenia
    will be lucky to have you!
    And yes, we will all be looking forward to your blogs.
    Love from your mom

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