Narrowing it down

The more time I spend in college, the more things I find interesting. After making my switch to Religious Studies in my first year,  I have realized how much I would also have liked to majored in the following things (in no particular order):choosing_a_major Classics (Greek and Latin), International Affairs, Political Science, Middle Eastern Studies, Philosophy (my minor), History, and a number of languages (Arabic, French, Spanish, Farsi, Hebrew, and more). It also would have been nice to take some classes on human rights and economics. Unfortunately, this was not possible – unless,  of course, I had unlimited funds and wanted to stay an undergrad for 10 years.

I find great overlap between most of these subject areas. Religious convictions that I have obtained in light of study of religions and their texts have led to an understanding of the world that I cannot ignore, namely, one where I am called to serve others. Particularly those in the poorest countries and the most misunderstood (in my opinion, those in the Middle East) are crucial to bettering the world. And whether I like it or not, trying to better the world requires a knowledge of politics and how to deal/work witht the systems of government and organizations that have the power to make changes. Languages are a necessity to most of these areas, on top of it being just plain badass to be multi-lingual. So what do I do when I have all these things I want to study and do and not enough time to do it? Well, I guess that is the question since I already know that I want “to be”.

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4 thoughts on “Narrowing it down

  1. And what exactly is it that you want to be?

    I have similar thoughts about my college career. I wish I would have taken more economics, more psychology, more music, and some political science. But it didn’t happen, and unfortunately, my major didn’t allow me to study abroad, a life long dream…

  2. That last line was supposed to be a reference to Shakespeare – “To be or not to be, that is the question.” It wasn’t too clear, but I was trying to say that since I already know the answer to that question (that I want “to be”, that is, live and not die), that my question is now how do I pursue all of this stuff with so little time. My reference failed…I wanted to study abroad too, but didn’t work out for me either. Darn.

  3. Joel – Agreed. Alas, not enough time. One thing I’ve realized…it’s almost required of us as human beings to have at least some breadth of knowledge on history and world politics. I guess we’ll have to just keep reading, huh?

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