Buenos Aires

The last few days in Chile were unfortunately pretty uneventful. A museum or two with mildly interesting exhibits and a couple of over-charged meals (actually over-charged – more than the menu price!). I also ate or drank something during a meal we cooked that left my bowels a tad looser than I normally would desire. The one amazing thing we were able to see was a sunset from San Cristobal, a statue placed high above the city that is accessed via ”funicular” just a block from our hostel. Definitely worth the $3 round-trip ticket.

Joel and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Joel and Ted's Excellent Adventure


We are currently in Buenos Aires and have been since Tuesday evening. Spanish speakers here actually say the ”s” at the end of words, as opposed to Chileans, but any double ”l” words like ”tortilla” or ”lleno” sound more like ”sheno” or ”jeno”. My language skills in general have definitely improved overall in the last 7 weeks, but I honestly do not use Spanish very often. If I do, it is usually for a quick question. Everyone speaks English at airports, bus stations, hostels, and even many small shops, and they usually go straight to it before I open my mouth. Apparently I look American.

Tonight was a half-hearted and failed attempt to find a club consisting of a long cab ride to an expensive place that Ted and I weren’t keen on. We stood in front of the entrance for 10 minutes before deciding that our friends probably already paid and entered, so we decided to just come back to the hostel. There were lots of funny things to laugh at along the way, so we still had a good time. One of my friends from CU has a brother that works for a pub crawl company here in Buenos Aires, so we are going to try that out next week (the pub crawl I did in Rome last summer was amazing, so I have high hopes for this one too). Tomorrow night we leave for Iguazu Falls, a 17 hours bus ride to one of the biggest waterfalls in the world. The water level is lower than normal, but it should still be amazing. Well, time to get some sleep! Almost 4 am…


One thought on “Buenos Aires

  1. this is actually a message from your mom,
    using Betsy’s computer.. What a
    beautiful sunset! Hope your adventure
    to Iguazu Falls is wonderful…are you
    spending your 20th birthday there?
    Have a memorable one, wherever you are!
    love from all your family

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