Central Lima

Three weeks after I came to Peru, I finally got to the historic center of the city. Some friends and I took a taxi to the Plaza De Armas, the main square of Lima.

Plaza De Armas

Plaza De Armas

We walked from the Plaza to a church a few blocks away to see some catacombs. No pictures were allowed, but it was definitely worth the 85 cents or so I paid to get in. The catacombs were used from the 16th to 19th century – the only cemetary in Lima during that time. Home to 25,000 Peruvian/Spanish corpses, the catacombs lie directly under a Catholic church so that the souls would be, in the words of the tour guide, “close to Jesus”. One interesting aspect of the church, as with other Spanish architecture, is the Arabic influence that is present in parts of the structure (due to the rule/presence in Spain in the Middle Ages).

On a completely unrelated note, my good friend Jeff Meigs is in Israel with a group of students on a trip very much related to my Gaza trip. Check out his blog here – already lots of good info and pics.

On another unrelated note, here was my buddy from last Friday!




3 thoughts on “Central Lima

  1. Joel…Interesting info about the catacombs. I saw several of those in Europe, too. Staggering numbers of souls under the church – wow. Beautiful architecture! Those were the days when churches were the tallest structure in any town. Now it’s bank buildings! Aaaargh!

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