Some bad, some good

Last Friday was a great day. We took the special needs people from Hogar de Cristo to the zoo and they had a great time. Everyone was partnered up and we held hands as we walked around to see all the animals. Unfortunately, this was the also the first day I felt sick. My throat had been sore since early Friday, but I didn’t really have a cold until the weekend. The end of the weekend was also cool because I was feeling a little better and I had the opportunity to play some songs at church with Ted. We played 2 songs at the night service – ”Eres Todo Poderoso” and ”Amazing Grace”. After the service, a man told me how much he felt the songs and how he appreciated us being there. Awesome guy. His sincerity was really touching.

The following two days, Monday and Tuesday, consisted mostly of me sitting on the couch with a sore body, head, with no energy and a fever. It was pretty bad during both days, but lightened up in the evenings. Looks like I’m almost completely better, other than the lack of energy from not eating much. I didn’t miss any work because Monday was a holiday and Tuesday was a protest day. Recovering today and back to work tomorrow.

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One thought on “Some bad, some good

  1. so glad you are better..probably just as
    well I don’t know until after!
    sounds like great experiences and I am
    especially happy to hear that you can
    share your music!
    love you always

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