Poll on Israeli Settlements


56% of Israelis support settlement construction.


11 thoughts on “Poll on Israeli Settlements

  1. Perhaps we should stop building houses in Arizona/New Mexico/Texas because Mexico might want that land? We did after all TAKE it from them. You can’t say that about Israel. It was GIVEN to them. Your growing resentment of Israel and the fact that you posted on my blog by “praying” to Allah truly scares me.

  2. The West Bank was not given to Israel. And if you are giving authority to the UN, you would also have to agree that Israel must leave the Occupied West Bank which was never part of the UN partition of 1947.

    It is also unfortunate that Americans have indeed committed horrible crimes in the past, but does not justify horrible crimes committed by any side – Israeli or Palestinian.

    So you are afraid of God? Or me saying “God-willing” in another lanuage? Or just of Islam? I’m confused.

  3. I suppose the 1948 Arab-Israeli war was part of the partition as well?

    My God, the Christian God, is Yahweh. Allah is not the same God. There are many differences between the two.

  4. I’m not sure I understand how this explains the statement that Israel was given the West Bank. Maybe you could elaborate.

    Yahweh has done some questionable things. Whatever language it is, God is God, and I think Allah is a fine way of saying it. I don’t think fearing another language or religion is quite called for.

  5. Yahweh is the Christian God. Allah is the Muslim God. I am not talking a difference of languages, I am talking a difference in deity. I am not scared of Allah, because he doesn’t exist. I am scared that you are very confused in your faith. For example: “Yahweh has done some questionable things.”

  6. Well good thing faith is personal, so you don’t have to worry about mine! Maybe on another post. Not really for this one.

    I’d still like a follow up to the issue of the West Bank and your claim that it was “given” to Israel, therefore justifying their occupation and subsequent settlement-building. Aaaand…go!

  7. game, set, match; joel gillin. the west bank was obtained through the 1967 war. and even the 1947 partition which was “given” resulted in the expulsion of thousands of palestinians from their land.

  8. It’s your blog, the thread can be over whenever you want it to.

    I have absolutely no clue why millions in the West, Christians and non-Christians alike, think that the West Bank belongs to the Jews. Those hateful, lying, money loving, child bombing meanies.

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