London and Back in the US, Back in the US, Back in the US(SR)

As expected, jet lag is having a significant effect. Since it’s still early and their is nothing to do, now is a good time to update stuff.

I switched the first half of my flight to the States to June 2 so I could stay in London for a day. I stayed the night in Donna’s dorm where she has been living for the past five months while she worked at a hospital. Just as I did Paris in one night last summer, I saw a fare amount of London in 24 hours. Madeline and I were booking.

St Paul's

St Paul's

Among the sites I visited was St Paul’s Cathedral. Impressive, but I think St Peter’s Basilica takes the cake.

Abbey Road

Abbey Road

And, of course, the most important road in the history of music. I’m about a half step ahead of John Lennon.

I leave again this upcoming Wednesday to see my Mom, sister, and grandparents for a couple days in Connecticut before heading to South America for the rest of the summer. Time to recharge.


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