Back In Cairo

After a long day of goodbyes and traveling, we made it back to Cairo. I’m sitting in the the hotel/hostel and can finally just sit down and do nothing. The last week was so jam-packed with activities that we had no free time, and as a result everyone is sufficiently exhausted. I wish there had been some time to update things everyday because of how much was experienced everyday, but I will have to compile it as a whole when I return. I can say that overall the last week in Gaza has truly opened my eyes. Before I came, I was somewhat familiar with (although new to) the injustices and atrocities that have led to so much suffering for Palestinians, but to see it firsthand takes my understanding to a whole new level. It would be nearly impossible for anyone to see and hear what I saw and not support the Palestinian cause. I look forward to all of the discussions that will take place once I get back to the states with friends and family. This upcoming school year I hope to be able to share this experience with other students at CU Boulder, be it through a presentation, article, or some type of activism to raise awareness.

Tomorrow it looks like I’ll be flying to London and staying for a day before catching my scheduled flight back to Denver. Hopefully it won’t cost too much to move up that first flight a day!


2 thoughts on “Back In Cairo

  1. Joel…I know you and Jeff will have a lot to talk about. I look forward to reading your future posts. There’s nothing like seeing something for yourself…or speaking with sources who have first-hand knowledge. We have a lot to learn in the US, don’t we?

  2. I am glad that when you go home you are going to be telling your family and friends about what you saw. It was a great pleasure to meet you in Gaza.
    And believe me when I say your visit opened my eyes, too!
    Anyhow, nice blog! Keep updating!
    Hope to meet you again in a free Gaza.
    Much respect,
    Lina Al-Sharif

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