Gaza Entry Update

The delegation was unable to enter yesterday and we decided to come back to Al-Arish for the night. We had the go-ahead from everybody and were told we would enter at some point yesterday, but there is so much bureaucratic B.S. to deal with that nothing is ever efficiently dealt with or decided. Our odds sounded good so we are optimistic about entry today. There is someone from the U.S. government talking with an important guy from the Egyptian border today, another reason we think our chances are good (details and names are iffy – our organizers probably know).

With ten guys in my room, it was pretty crowded. Luckily, I took a nap as soon as we got to the room (around 6ish) and didn’t actually wake up until 2 in the morning, so I slept the rest of the time and got a good 12 hours of sleep. Much needed. Just had breakfast and we are heading back to the Rafah border shortly. Round 2!


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